Concept art of the Block-0 night life

Virtual Pangea:
The Multilayered Metaverse

Immerse yourself in our multilayered world - where the 2D, 3D & AR layers meet to offer you a seamless metaverse experience where businesses, institutions and users come together to explore and interact in the new digital world of today. This is powered by contribute & earn mechanics and smart play loops, where utility exists cross-layer.

All powered by
the VP utility token

This immersive experience wouldn’t be complete without a means of exchange among Pangeans! In due course, Pangeans will use the VP utility token to buy, sell, and rent tokenized items and services.

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Virtual Pangea utility token
Gameplay screenshots from Hogeman by Cryptic Pixel

It all started with a game...
Play to Earn - Flat-out 8-bit fun!

Cryptic Pixel, our gaming studio is an interactive playground for GameFi aficionados,
which bridges the gap between two worlds: indie gaming & NFT technology.


Our story is bigger than us! And you are all protagonists!



Concept art Block-0, our upcoming metaverse experience

A world you know, in a place you’ve never been.

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